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A Message For My Last Day

If today or tomorrow is the last day of your life, would you want do?

What do you want to present of your last day to your surrounding, what’s finally stuffs that you want to show to this world? Will you would like to spend your wealth or just spending your last time with beloved’s one.

As human being, we need to imagine this question frequently. Not only for remaining us to always remember the end of everything, but may to remains and charge our mind to think and make an evaluation for ourselves as human, how good we have been playing our role, so how we can maximize the next chances better to share kindness and warmness.

If question above come to you, what do you want to do in your last? Please tell me by dropping your answers in comment form.

So, let me to share of mine.

The first one that I want to do is, I will ask to everyone, I may have liabilities, debts to them. For the rest of my life, surely I need to ask anyone to help me, especially when I faced financial problems. So I will pay it all as possible as I can. Even I will sell all my stuffs.

The second one, ask the forgiveness to my parent first, to my beloved parents. Of course, I have many mistakes as long as your son. Maybe, my sentence will be like this:

(I down my knees) Mak, Pak. I’m so sorry for everything, I’m very sorry for anything that I have done to you. As long as your son, I have brought a lot of problems to you and I made many mistakes and I still can’t give back to you as every your sacrifices to me and maybe I never can pay it all. As your kid, I’m so pampered, without your guidance and prays. I’m nothing.

Please forgive my for the last.

I will never tell my parents that’s my last day because it can kill their feeling so much.

Then I will ask forgiveness to my families such as my brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties and so on specially to my brothers and sisters, you are closest to me in our family after my parents. Without fail, I have made mistakes to all of you. Forgive me..

Then, to anyone who I think they are so close to me, I knew them as well as best partner in this short life, my best friends, my teachers and my business’s partners. The last to anyone that maybe I haven’t never seen them again after the first meet, I will ask the forgiveness directly if it’s possible and through my social medias and etc.

And I sure my last day will be totally busier than another days. After I finished all my affairs, businesses with human so then I will come back to my favorite place, a beautiful place.

Take a rest and if may, I will ask my last chance to my god. I want to die on under the tree while breathing fresh air and see how beautiful this nature. I don’t want to die in the inside of AC’s room. I feel enough to die in my yard and send my last words to sky. How beautiful you are.

Then in the deepest of my heart, I speak with heart:

Thank you so much my Creator. You’ve created me without any defects and I still keep every part of this belong me. Every night I sent my prays and I’m so grateful to what you’d planned, given and done to me. At this time, I don’t want to ask anymore, because You always given everything that I need even I never said it yet. I’m very grateful.

Last words gonna be touchable, it’s deep and meaningful, I hope so.

Thank you too to this world and human inside it, although I want to still alive longer to see others beautiful things but what can I do if my Creator want to me to come back?

Pare, 20 December 2021.