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How To Flash Stock Firmware on Samsung Galaxy A52 & Revert to Stock

One of the most important things is to backup Android device’s storage, which contains all your data and files. The best way to preserve the rest of the files on your storage is to manually back them up to your PC. You just need to connect your device in MTP mode and copy over all the files that you think are essential. Once the process is done, you can head to the Helium app. Browse the applications in the “Backup” tab and select the ones that you want to backup.

It is important to know that your firmware needs to be backed up before you make any changes. Back up your MTK Android firmware is a very important aspect of the whole process and it is worth mentioning here. The device will not work properly without the correct backup in place. USB debugging is a feature of Android devices that allows developers to debug apps and processes on the device. Let me tell you why we are copying those folders like DCIM, Pictures, Download, Music, Ringtons, etc..

  • Now you have to boot your device into the download mode.
  • Samsung issues a model number to identify each device, and ROM files may vary based on that code.
  • Grabbing the right version of Odin is the first step.
  • To combat such a situation you need to backup the Android ROM (original/pre-installed), prior to flashing a new ROM.

That’s because all instructions are stored in the https://www.kargomurah.co.id/maximizing-performance-a-guide-to-samsung-sm/ Read Only Memory file. In this article, you will learn what is Android ROM and firmware, how to backup Android ROM and firmware, and a 1-click tool to backup all Android data to computer. One way is to use a backup app, such as Google Drive or iCloud. Another way is to make a backup of your phone’s internal storage. Both the app is very reliable, and I personally use it to backup my apps whenever I want to switch between phones. We’ll not be held responsible if your phone gets damaged by following these methods. Several applications like WhatsApp and Instagram do not allow application data backups.

BlissPop is not as popular as other ROMs but, it has its own unique features which can be tried. Its features include lock screen shortcuts, battery styles, Live Display, etc. It also allows you to customize the colors, text, font, etc. OmniSwich is a feature that lets you switch between apps quickly. And OmniROM is the best for advanced users of Android.

Now go to the sp flash tool extract folder and launch it. For example, your phone will be stuck or hang on the logo. If you’re going to hard reset your phone and cannot access the recovery menu. But most of the problems and benefits that cause flashing stock ROM are below.

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